Vanclaron CIC

Art Therapist, Drama Therapist, Music Therapist, Occupational Therapist
Develop and run activities and workshops which support the wellbeing of marginalised communities, including refugees and vulnerable migrants.

We are a small organisation that supports marginalised communities including refugees, migrants, ethnically diverse groups and those facing health inequalities and economic deprivation. We run wellbeing workshops, community health promotion, training and other therapeutic activities.

We would love to have students who can plan and deliver their own wellbeing projects/workshops for group work including for people who may not speak English well, or not at all. These workshops could involve arts-based activities, or another form of intervention that is engaging and participatory to overall improve people's physical and emotional wellbeing, empowering people and working within the concept of community health promotion and the wider determinants of health.

Competencies you can develop on this placement:

  • Communicating public health information
  • Relationship-building and collaborative working
  • Researching the publics' health
  • Evaluating and quality assuring public health initiatives
  • Planning public health initiatives
  • Delivering public health initiatives